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Weekly Meal Planner

Let's remove the stress and panic from thinking about what food we want to eat. It shouldn't be something we worry or are concerned about. It should be an enjoyable activity as part of the day. Every meal should be happy and anxiety-free! Use this meal planner to help plan out the week, and to also make sure you're getting lots of nutritious food into your meals!

Dream Chaser

Have you ever scrolled through social media, comparing your life to friends or influencers who are managing to go on lots of holidays, attend loads of events, and just generally seem to have SO much to do? This can be a trigger for my anxiety, where I don't feel that I'm achieving any dreams, ticking anything off the bucket list, or just simply not doing a lot! Use this dream chaser to set aside something amazing to do each month, and by the time New Years comes around you'll see just how many awesome things you achieved!